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MarijuanaWith the rise of national medicinal marijuana being prescribed to patients in various states across the United States, the question over whether it should have limitations held over it removed completely continues. The wait for the complete legalization of marijuana is one that will most likely continue for quite some time. Considered to be a possible gateway drug for young adults by many on the opposing side, there is still a stigma that has been perpetuated within the public’s eye. Keep reading in order to gain understanding as to what concerns remain in the minds of those in the position to keep this plant illegal.

Marijuana grows just about anywhere in the world, and its ease of growth spawned its nickname as “Weed” for just this reason. When it is grown under the right conditions, THC crystals develop on the leaves and the plant flowers as well. There are indoor varieties up to 20 times as potent as what is naturally grown outdoors. The effects on the brain are much more intense when consumed, and add even more of a debate as to whether it is safe for public consumption as a whole or not in legal terms. Numerous states have already ruled in favor for medicinal prescribing of marijuana for those that suffer from chronic pain and illness, although many others are extremely hesitant to raise the ban.

Scientist on either side both agree in the area of what is responsible for the altered perception that is experienced by those that partake of Marijuana. Cannabinoids target the C1 and C2 receptors within the brain, flooding the mind with stimulation that can bring a sense of relaxation or even mild hallucinations for some. If smoked in excessive amounts, a lack of oxygen can occur in the brain due to carbon dioxide levels contained within the fumes themselves. Smoke from any burnable material has been shown in medical testing to be a direct cause of cancerous cell development within humans. Although other manners of administration are often used due to this awareness, the majority of marijuana users continue to inhale the smoke that is produced whenever the plant material is burned.

Drug dependence is no joke, no matter which position you choose to take in regards to marijuana. If you or someone that you care about are experiencing difficulty with their fight against any form of dependency, it is highly suggested to speak with a professional as to what may be done in order to correct the situation before it gets any worse. It is a proven fact that inpatient rehabilitation for life-threatening drugs holds more promise for success under the guidance of trained professionals.

This option allows for an outside perspective to take note of any patterns that need to be broken to sustain a clean lifestyle. Not only that, but many substances require the body to go through a very different process of restoring natural balance within that is extremely painful both physically and mentally. The power to live a healthy life that is free from drugs and alcohol is at the reach of those that seek to find it, for each individual contains the tools needed, but they most likely need to be shown where they lie and how to utilize them for their ultimate goal.