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heroinBefore the epidemic of prescription painkillers came into existence, heroinused to take the lead as one of the most dangerous drugs known to threaten the lives of all those that consumed it on a regular basis. Even if it were only a single time of use, the chances of becoming addicted or a casualty to the substance, were substantial in comparison to other drugs on the black market. Ever wondered why the international drug war has maintained itself as one of the most hard-to-win endeavors in human history? It is because of the ease of finding the components needed to produce this drug on a monumental scale. Keep reading to find out how this powerfully-addictive drug is made, and how it truly takes position as one of the deadliest substances known to man.

To understand how this epidemic came about, you must understand where the drug comes from. The poppy plant is responsible for making the main component contained within the drug, and unfortunately, this plant grows very easily all over the world. The fluid that sustains the seed pods is collected by workers and later processed in a way to make the morphine concentration much higher than it is naturally. Once this material is extracted and made into a much more deadly substance, it is then shipped all over the world for incredibly high street valued prices. By the time that it reaches the United States, the profits to sustain the drug dealers around the globe have been set into stone.

It is also very important to gain comprehension as to how the addictive nature of a mind is developed by heroin after even its initial use. Once the drug is administered by any means possible, usually intranasally or by injection into the bloodstream, the release of dopamine is flooded into the bloodstream for a period of about 4 to 5 hours. Whenever the levels of dopamine are depleted within the body, a natural balance is lost until the levels are reproduced. This is only compounded when the drug is used repetitively. Eventually, the effects of what is known as withdrawal can become unbearable for most. Many will eventually cave and repeat the cycle, administering the drug over and over again.

Even though morphine is able to aid many in their fight against pain and suffering, the abuse of the concentrated form usually leads to a very dark place that is hard to recover from without a considerable amount of pain and suffering. If you are, or if you have a loved one that is,suffering from the disease of heroin addiction, the best thing to do is to admit the temporary defeat against the drug and to start developing a plan of attack against the instance of relapse in the future. Not only do you have your life at stake, but the peace of mind that those who love you count on in order to survive as well.

If you find that you fit into the category of a heroin abuser, start looking for counseling options in your local area. The truth is that you are completely empowered to overcome this obstacle, no matter how difficult it can seem during the detoxification process. Do not hesitate thinking that the issue will resolve itself, for you have to be proactive in your own recovery if you want to be free from the reigns of addiction over your life.