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Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a white substance that can be put into the body several ways.  Many users find it best to snort cocaine, but you can also smoke and inject this drug.  Any of these ways of getting cocaine in your system can be harmful to your body and internal organs.

When you snort cocaine, the drug is absorbed into the mucus membrane.  It usually takes fourteen minutes for cocaine to take effect this way and this is considered to be the most common form of taking cocaine.  Some harmful side effects to snorting cocaine include nasal decay from the lack of blood flow to the nasal cavity, nose bleeds because the cocaine aggravates the mucus membrane inside the nose, and breathing problems from the cocaine corroding the internal lining of the nose and throat. 

Smoking cocaine is also one of the more popular forms of taking cocaine.  Many people smoke crack cocaine instead of powder cocaine, but some people still mix powdered cocaine in with marijuana or other drugs and smoke it in a single joint.  Harmful side effects of smoking cocaine or crack cocaine are possible cancer to the lungs, the corrosion of the throat, lungs, and mouth, and health issues that vary from addict to addict.

Heroin is the most common drug that is injected, but you can also inject cocaine by mixing it water and shooting into your veins from a needle.  This is the quickest way to get cocaine into a users system and possibly the most unsafe.  When a person injects cocaine into their system they run the risk of contracting disease from unsterile needles, collapsing your veins from daily injection, and killing yourself from injecting the other unknown materials used to cut the cocaine before it was sold to the user.

If you are a user of cocaine you should know that no way of using this drug is safe.  Every possible option you have can lead to another health issue and you should get help for your addiction before you obtain problems that can effect you for the rest of your life.

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